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Hope for Today, Promoses for Tomorrow
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Hope Meetings

We currently offer monthly Hope Meetings in Central Iowa.  Hope Meetings provide a face-to-face setting for women to come together and share their stories of loss and hope, gain encouragement from Scripture, and comfort from one another.  Women meet in a casual environment to talk, pray, and simply experience the presence of others who have “been there.”  Please feel free to browse our frequently asked questions below to find out more information about our Hope Meetings.

What are your meetings like?
Our meetings take place in welcoming, casual environments.  Depending on the group, you can expect anywhere from 5-15 ladies to be there.  A typical meeting starts and ends with the facilitator leading the group in prayer.  At every meeting, each woman has an opportunity as little or as much as she’d like about her story of loss that brings her to the meetings.  There is also time for discussion about specific questions or struggles that women are facing.  Leaders address these concerns in light of what the Bible says.

Can we bring our husbands/partners?
At this time, all Hope Meetings are for women only.  If you would like to bring a sister, mom, or friend, you are welcome to do that.  We do, occasionally, offer social outings or special remembrance events where the men are invited to join in!

Do I need to bring anything?
Just yourself!  Some women choose to bring a Bible, but it’s not required.  Women also sometimes bring special mementos or resources to share with the group, but that is certainly not expected or required.  We realize it’s hard enough to get yourself out the door to a Hope Meeting, so simply bring yourself and whatever you need to feel comfortable.

Do I need to “register” to attend your meetings?
Pre-registration is not required and you are welcome to just “show up.”  If you feel more comfortable, however, or if you have additional questions or just want to touch base beforehand, you are welcome to email us at info@mommieswithhope.com to let us know which meeting you plan to attend.

Do I have to make a commitment to come for a series of meetings are are they just one-time meetings?
We do not follow through a set curriculum or series of support group steps, so there is no commitment to attend for an extended period of time.  You may come and go from month to month as it fits your needs and schedule.  Some women come every month for a period of time while others come occasionally.  Some women come back after long absences due to grief triggers or as they walk through a rocky time.  We keep it open ended to best fit the needs of individual women.

Can I start a Mommies with Hope group in my community?
If you feel led to start a Mommies with Hope support group in your community, please contact us at info@mommieswithhope.com.